We provide reports to project leaders that allow them to closely monitor the settlement and claims process.  These reports can be generated as frequently as the project leader requests.  Such in-depth project reporting enables us to ensure that all claims are processed according to settlement requirements and that no claim is left on the sidelines.

Production & Quality Assurance Reporting

At NextClaim Solutions, we closely track data on the production and quality of each claim review. We then pass that data to our managers. Managers are able to use this data to ensure that each claim receives the appropriate level of review. Our Training Department also uses this information to identify areas that would benefit from additional clarification or training. Data truly drives the NextClaim process!

Analytics & Trend Analysis

Our close monitoring of projects captures valuable data and enables us to identify trends and deal with any issues early. For example, when we see a pattern of issues with claim submissions, we immediately reach out to the filer to correct the issues before wasting any resources on review. We also have data and validation checks in place which flag any claims that require a more thorough review—thereby preventing potentially fraudulent activity.

Financial Reporting

NextClaim can perform financial reporting, investment reconciliation, budgeting, project accounting and accounts payable functions. We can also liaise with tax and financial audit professionals, as needed.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Reporting

At NextClaim, we are experienced with CMS reporting requirements.