Claim & Document Handling

At NextClaim Solutions, our document handling services include:

Claim Intake 

We have developed efficient and convenient ways to input information into our online claims system, including straightforward data entry and document uploading capabilities.

Mass Mailings

We are experts at using mass mailing services to communicate to large numbers of clients and claimants, both via electronic and hardcopy delivery services. We routinely print, meter, and mail large volumes of documents, including Activity, Deficiency, Release, and Payment notifications.

Document Scanning

We provide large-scale document scanning services for our clients.  We understand all that can go wrong and all that is at stake with these sensitive document requests.  Our dedicated quality control systems were developed specifically to avoid any problems and to ensure all projects are completed quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Securing Documents

At NextClaim, protecting documents with Personally Identifiable Information is one of our top priorities.  It is vitally important to our clients and their claimants that we securely manage and protect the sensitive documents that we handle.